Andy Marzo

Senior Project Manager

Phone: (518) 899-2608


With a passion for leading projects that help clients achieve positive and tangible outcomes for communities and organizations across the country, Andy brings more than 10 years of experience in project management, municipal finance and economic development analytics to his role at Camoin. 

As a Senior Project Manager, Andy has worked on and led a variety of projects with public and private sector clients, focusing primarily on organizational strategy development, regional and site-specific real estate market development strategies, industry and demographic market analyses, and economic impact analysis. Regardless of the type of project, Andy aims to provide clients with a holistic, strategic perspective on what is needed to achieve project objectives and the ultimate success of their initiatives.  

Before joining Camoin, Andy worked for the City and County of Denver, CO, in a variety of different roles leading and supporting a number of major projects and initiatives in one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The most notable projects included helping establish and supporting the city’s first public-private partnership (P3) office, facilitating the coordination, development, and implementation of the city’s annual operating budget and capital improvement program (CIP), and acting as a financial project manager to help deliver large capital projects and coordinate their funding and delivery.

With experience working with and leading a number of major initiatives and projects in both the public and private sectors, Andy understands the nuances, challenges, and opportunities that his diverse group of clients face on a regular basis. With this in mind, Andy aims to provide clients with informed, strategic, and implementable strategies and outcomes that act as catalysts for developing resilient, inclusive, and diverse economies and communities.  

Andy holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from SUNY Geneseo, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in international management from Clarkson University and the Bordeaux School of Management.

Real Results

Organizational Strategic and Visioning Plan | Connecticut | Working with the Western Connecticut Council of Governments (WestCOG), Andy led the organization and its board through a comprehensive and inclusive strategic planning process to develop the organization’s strategic plan, mission, and vision for the future. Specific initiatives included private and public stakeholder interviews, an in-depth review of the organization’s finances and existing operations, organizational benchmarking studies, the facilitation of workshops and executive sessions, and the development of strategic planning documents and resources to guide the plan’s implementation. 

Economic Revitalization Strategy | Hampton Township, MI | Working directly with Hampton Township, Andy performed detailed market, demographic, and industry analyses aimed at informing broader strategic planning efforts helping Hampton Township formulate a plan to grow and anchor its tax-base through real estate development and industry attraction efforts. In addition, Andy helped in the community and committee facilitation processes, gathering and summarizing input from multiple internal and external stakeholders to help inform strategic decision making.

Economic and Real Estate Opportunity Study | North Port, FL | Working with the City of North Port, Andy developed a comprehensive industry, demographic, and real estate analysis and inventory. These were used to help the City of North Port develop a plan focused on infrastructure development, site prioritization, and business attraction strategies. 

Industrial Waterfront Park Market Feasibility Study | Connecticut | Andy led the analysis of a market feasibility project for a major global corporation with surplus industrial property located on a major waterway near New London’s State Pier. The analysis examined multi-modal potential, including a multi-tenant industrial park with the potential to house offshore wind energy supply chain operations that may leverage the offshore wind industry investments at New Londons State Pier. The company is using the results of the analysis for their disposition planning of the property. 

Industrial Park Market Feasibility and Impact Study | Saratoga County, NY | Andy led a market feasibility analysis for multiple economic development corporations looking at the impact of additional transportation infrastructure (rail) being engaged at a primarily vacant industrial park. The analysis included multiple real estate development scenarios coupled with various impact analyses focused on the economic impact (jobs, sales, earnings, etc.) of future potential development during the construction and operations stages at the industrial park.