Amie Collins


Phone: (518) 899-2608


Amie takes on each project as if it were in her hometown. She is invested in getting each client the results they are after, and this comes across in her project management approach and refreshing writing style. Understanding the “why” behind every project creates relevancy, clarity, and applicability in her work.

With a master’s degree in community and regional planning from the University of Oregon she understands the value of process and how it can make or break a project. With undergraduate degrees in economics and anthropology from Nazareth College of Rochester she understands how decisions get made and how to strategically position an organization or municipality for the future they envision.

Amie has managed organizations, from a state-wide AmeriCorps program to a small, then not-so-small agricultural-based business. As a former marketing manager for one of the largest beekeeping supply companies in the country, she brings to Camoin a small business and entrepreneurial background that helps create strategies that facilitate business growth.