Future-Forward Adaptive Action Plan

October 19, 2020

The Challenge

DRIVE (Driving Real Innovation for a Vibrant Economy) and its regional partners face continual challenges in creating and sustaining economic opportunities in an environment of rapid change and uncertainty. In this environment, traditional strategic planning alone will not succeed. It is too slow, too risk adverse, and too reliant on past trends and practices. Success requires an “and/both” approach as opposed to one based on the principle of “either/or”.

The Solution

DRIVE’s Executive Director was familiar with Camoin’s work in future forward, adaptive planning and engaged Camoin Associates to design and facilitate an adaptive planning process as a means to harness the ideas, give them legs, and create actionable projects to improve the region.

The Impact

The plan, DRIVE Forward, is a regional call to action. It is designed to build on the foundation of our existing assets – people, organizations, and places – and integrate futures thinking and doing for a new economic future. It focuses on building capacities to think, design, and implement four big ideas, referred to as “ventures”, for the region.

  • Future-Forward Skills, Knowledge, and Learning Force
  • Futures Oriented Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • 365 Wellness
  • Coalesce the Region’s Downtowns

It is the beginning of regional leaders initiating a continuing process for planning and action to address today and tomorrow’s big economic challenges and opportunities. It will include continual engagement and participation by, businesses, workers, and community members within the region.

DRIVE Forward Organizational Structure