We believe a meaningful job that provides purpose, hope, and a good income is what it’s all about. This requires hard work for any organization or business, let alone an entire community — and that’s where we come in. We work with public officials to target resources to improve the business climate and we help business leaders and non-profit executives resolve tough management issues.

Camoin is a national leader in applying data, broad based engagement, strategic planning, and organizational leadership to generate economic results marked by resiliency and prosperity. We have completed 1,100 projects in 43 states and a U.S. territory, and have helped advance rural and urban opportunities for villages, cities, counties, regions, and states.

What Sets Us Apart

Our vast experience working with public- and private-sector leaders throughout North America has afforded us a keen understanding of the challenges of maintaining stakeholder engagement amid competing interests and limited time. It has also enabled us to develop a customizable, comprehensive approach to gathering business information, attracting and retaining investment and jobs, and delivering on strategic initiatives. 

Whether you’re a community, economic development organization or private firm, we have the capabilities to access C-suite business leaders for greater industry intelligence and zero in on business attraction, retention and expansion for increased investment.


Who We Are

We live where we work, and we love it. From our headquarters in beautiful Saratoga Springs, New York, to our offices in vibrant Richmond, Virginia, and from authentic Portland, Maine, to worldly Boston, Massachusetts, and spirited Providence, Rhode Island, we know what makes life interesting: exceptional people and places. 

Our staff have decades of experience, including serving in leadership roles at the top-performing economic development organizations in the country — and we bring this breadth and depth of experience and expertise to every project, pushing the envelope to help our clients capitalize on entrepreneurial initiatives and emerging opportunities.  

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If you’re ready to take the next step towards sustainable growth and prosperity for your community or project, we’re here as a partner to make it happen. 

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